Dorte Lønsmann: Guest in TV2 NEWS on the use of English in Danish workplaces. 31 October 2018. Denmark.

Spencer Hazel: Interview, Discussion on multilingualism in UK, BBC Five Live. 8th Oct 2018. UK.

Kamilla Kraft: Invited speaker at Fafo Østforum seminar. Er polakk et skjellsord? - Arbeidsinnvandring, språk og tilhørighet. 12th February 2018. Oslo, Norway. 

Dorte Lønsmann: Guest in Danish national radio, ‘P4 Formiddag’, on the topic of English in Danish workplaces. 5th January 2017. Denmark.

Kamilla Kraft: Interview in national Norwegian newspaper about multilingualism in construction sites. Hva sier snekkeren? Med polsk skal landet bygges. 26th May 2017.

Janus Mortensen: Keynote speaker at student/practitioner conference at University of Ghent. Language policy in practice: The case of multilingual organizations. 31st August 2017 

Feedback session with project partner (public organization). Organised by Dorte Lønsmann. 22nd June 2017. Hillerød, Denmark.

Feedback session with project partner (NGO). Organised by Katherine Kappa. 13th June 2017. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Workshop with external project partner (private contractor): Språk på den internasjonale byggepladsen. 22nd March 2017. Organised by Kamilla Kraft. Oslo, Norway.

Colloquia and paper presentations at international conferences

Kamilla Kraft's invited talk on “Multilingualism, transience and norms: ethnographic studies of work”. Center for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm University. 16 October 2019.

Kamilla Kraft's talk "A TMC speaking Tunnel Esperanto (preliminary title)". Workshop: Multilingual communication in informal/unskilled work settings, University of Stockholm, Sweden. August 28–29 2019.

Spencer Hazel (with Adam Brandt), paper titled "Discovering instructed action in choreographic work"2019 Conference of the International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (IIEMCA), Mannheim, Germany. 2–5 July 2019.

Janus Mortensen (with Hartmut Haberland) panel on "Pragmatics and the super-new-big". 16th International Pragmatics Conference, Hong Kong PolyU, Hong Kong. 9–14 June 2019. 

Spencer Hazel's paper "When language is a means to an end, not an end in itself". Interaction Competences and Practices in Second Language (ICOP-L2), Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden. 29–31 May 2019.

Dorte Lønsmann and Marta Kirilova's paper titled "Ideologier om sprogbrug og sproglæring i danske arbejdspladskontekster". NordAnd 14 . University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 28 May 2019.

Spencer Hazel's talk "Collaborating on choreography - Workshops on theatre rehearsals - Aesthetic concepts in interaction". Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim, Germany. 23–24 May 2019.

Katherine Kappa's talk "Writing a development project: At the intersection of situated encounters and institutional structures". MULTIPLES research group, Ghent University, Belgium. 7 May 2019.

Panel on "Studying transient social configurations as a window on sociality in the making". Contributions by Mortensen, Kraft, Kappa, Hazel, Lønsmann, Marco Jacquemet. 117th American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting. San Jose, USA. 14-18 November 2018.

Katherine Kappa's paper titled "How do“professional strangers” establish a shared body of knowledge in a collaborative development project". ALAPP 2018 (Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice). Cardiff, UK. 17-19 September 2018.

Panel on "Norms in sociolinguistics: Revisiting familiar ground and exploring new frontiers". Contributions by Mortensen & Kraft, Kappa, Hazel & Lønsmann, Irina Piippo, Marie-Luise Pitzl, Meredith Marra, Stephanie Schnurr & Olga Zayts. Sociolinguistic Symposium 22. University of Auckland, New Zealand, 27-30 June 2018.

Panel on “ELF and the study of transient social configuration.” Colloquium organised by Janus Mortensen at the 11th International Conference of English as a lingua franca. Contributions by Kappa, Hazel, Mortensen, and Axel Bohmann (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg). King’s College London, United Kingdom, 4-7 July 2018

Language and the United Nations: Multilingualism in International Organizations and International Co-operation. Papers by (1) Hazel, Kappa & Kraft: Language Policing in International Organisations – Explicit and Embedded Orientations to Language Repertoires and their Impact on Professional Identity; (2) Mortensen & Lønsmann: English only? A critical examination of the ‘natural’ status of English as a corporate language. New York, USA, 10-11 May 2018. 

Katherine Kappa's paper titled: Emerging social norms in transient English conversation meetings in a community center for asylum seekers in CopenhagenTLANG Final Conference: Communication in the multilingual city. 28-29 March, Birmingham, UK.

Panel on Studying emerging social norms in transient settings: Theoretical opportunities and methodological challenges. BAAL 2017 (the 50th anniversary conference of the British Association of Applied Linguistics) at University of Leeds 31 August – 2 September 2017. Contributions by Spencer Hazel, Katherine Kappa, Kamilla Kraft, Dorte Lønsmann, Janus Mortensen, Jessica Bradley (University of Leeds) and Celia Roberts (King’s College London). 

"Professional practice in transient settings". ALAPP 2016 (Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice) at University of Copenhagen, 3-5 November 2016. Contributions by Spencer Hazel, Dorte Lønsmann and Janus Mortensen, Carsten Levisen (Roskilde Univesrity) and Meredith Marra (Victoria University of Wellington).


Round table on Norms and the study of language in social life. Copenhagen, Denmark, 1–2 March, 2019. Organised by Janus Mortensen and Kamilla Kraft.

TMC mid-way seminar with project team and international advisory board. Roskilde, Denmark, 16-17 April 2018.

Winter School on Studies of Institutional Social Interactions, University of Copenhagen, 8-12 January 2018. Organised by Katherine Kappa. Course lecturers: Spencer Hazel, Elizabeth Stokoe (Loughborough University), and Marta Kirilova (University of Copenhagen).